No Higher Love – Full Drama Movie

A romance about a second chance at love. Subscribe to Viewster on YouTube! ▻ In this love tale, produced for CBD Television, it seems …


  1. HUMMMM LOVE LIVE LIFE ,,,,,,,,,the true meaning of doing your best with what god gave you ,,,,,,,,,,, i pray that some day the man who holds my heart would be willing to give me his

  2. Lossing a mum at young age is very very hard I lost my mum at 12 for cancer there were many puzzling questions about girl hood in my mind never found answers as in our society no one talks about them, I missed her it is 60 years now I still miss her a part of me is lost. I watched this movie and cried at least Amy was lucky to get a good mum and 2 sisters

  3. I was just reading about hospice denying dying cancer patients of pain medicine, because they were afraid they would get addicted. Which is so insane. The pain meds give the person relief from the encrusting pain so they be able to be with their loved ones without terrible suffering. The cases I read about causing someone to die a horrible painful death made me angry. One family sued for millions & won because the dr. ordered an elderly dying man morphine shots that were not given to him.

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