New York Marijuana Legalization | 710 Morning Show | March 16, 2021

New York Marijuana Legalization | 710 Morning Show | March 16, 2021 NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in hot water and it could be adding more momentum to …


  1. I agree not particularly fond of any politicians! Their primary goal is skimming money off of well everything! These committee are going to have a special place in hell if they continue to get in between doctors and patients! Its clear that cannabis and opiates have absolutely nothing menacing to do with one another. It is also documented facts that cannabis helps opiate addicts get off opiates. I personally took opiates for my back pain for many years for a back injury i sustained taking a trash receptical to a dumpster for a fellow worker which only made this whole thing worse for me. So basically helping a female co-worker screwed my back up for life. I have a terrible time getting any sleep at all unless I take cbd with my cannabis which i cant really afford because im broke! so for my issue I have got to have home grow! Dont care if it 6 plants but knowing what is in my cannabis is critical as I have terrible allergies to hops and barley. Hops is in the cannabis family and i am allergic to hops but not cannabis! This is just a very small part of my story and why I desperately need to have cannabis in my life! Florida please say YES TO HB 1361!!! mY LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

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