New Portland Ordinance Aims to Speed Approval for Businesses' Security Measures | Seattle RE Podcast

There’s still a lot of clean-up going on in downtown Portland. On Wednesday, crews were scrubbing graffiti off the windows at a vacated jewelry store, getting …


  1. The businesses have to get okay from the city to protect themselves… okay I realize it's probably more complicated than that, but still, that they are only NOW doing this says to me the city was forced to make some sort of gesture that makes them "seem" business friendly. I'm not buying it. They should have acted to protect businesses a very long time ago, what the hell have they been doing for an entire year? They felt forced to do this is the only reason they are doing it, and of course I'm sure they are privately delighted that these businesses all have to invest a fortune in upgrading security, it might force more of them out, which is the goal there.

  2. All States? I can trace exactly when my workers became even more devoted to their jobs to when the legalized weed. There is a reason they call it 'Dope'. They become even more stupid and making bad choices that effect their job. One guy thought it would be a good idea to smoke on his lunch break and chopped off his thumb on a table saw. He became a L&I wh ore and of course, graduated to heroin. Since he didn't have to work anymore he could do any drug he wanted. LAst I heard in prison now.

  3. You misrepresented the parents’ responses to Little Johnny being arrested for robbing the bud guy. It would go more like, what did the bud guy do that compelled my precious little Johnny to blow his head off? My Johnny is a victim.

  4. Look up Geert Vanden Bossche phD, DVM he made most of our childhood vacine, he says this cvd19 vax is not going to help herd immunity it will make it worse.

  5. The policies are designed to change the effect and not address the cause of the problem. Watch out for lawsuits when protective measures are used by civilians or by hired security.

  6. What is going to happen when store owners start shooting maniac Antifa and BLM looters? I would tell people to also get a powerful strobe light flashlight to blind anyone who come near you. Then run…

  7. The thing is police corruption/brutality is a real issue. Police Reform SHOULD BE more funding for additional criminal justice training, extensive background checks, knowing how to work WITH social workers in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, etc… Dems just think for whatever reason that defunding the police fixes the issue and (if we’re being honest) republicans ignore the issue or don’t support police reform because it’s a progressive policy.

  8. This is absolutely stupid, and a forgone conclusion the moment those @$$hats at the OLCC were given this responsibility… Not by the people, of course. The legislature hijacked our initiative, it is their substitute that perpetuates the very bureacracy that leaves these budtenders prepackaged victims. My dispensary employs armed security. But I bring my .45 just in case the odds are against the guy. If dispensary owners were allowed to guard Cannabis like it was Plutonium, we wouldn't be having this issue. Also, if DAs were not gutless political hacks…

  9. Any business that has stayed in downtown Portland, given the months of BLM-ANTIFA-Biden rioting, looting and arson, at this point, gets the socialist justice reparations payment extractions that it gets (thank you for continuing to pay taxes for the privilege, yes privilege, of being looted and burnt out). In as far as the cofraud goes… it has become the new 'climate change' dog ate my homework excuse for the gutless political peons.

  10. It's probably just me but if crime is not a priority for the Police, why not have the local Portland mob offer an Antifa Hit Squad package? Local business owners can pay for criminals to put hits out on punks who rob or deface their business? Didn't they do that in New York in the 1920's?

  11. Let's clear one thing up once and for all "weed" is very addicting. It has to cross a persons' mind that people are willing to spend great deals of money on it and that people used to risk being put in jail for smoking it marijuana is an addictive substance. Those who would argue this point are being willfully ignorant. (Yes I had to edit) I would have been remiss to not have mentioned that dealing in addictive drugs means also dealing in human misery. Period.

  12. The answer to all of Portland, Seattle's, San Frans, LA, Chicago's, Baltimore's, Detroit's, Minneapolis, ALL the leftist run hell holes problems, is to STOP BEING LEFTISTS. Your philosophy is a FAILURE, you have ZERO ability to run cities, you have no business sense, you lack logic, common sense, and cognitive reasoning ability.

  13. I wasn't sure how to contact you but I sent a message via your website since I can't post a link here. Its pretty interesting about who received a $3 million dollar contract in seattle.

  14. Funny how saying this is new normal is favored . And I as usual will be denied circulation and any feedback but supercilious [Well, we just don't like you ] no favors or ever allowing me to be part of the conversation outside a soliloquy. No 1A here, just sycophants' slow clapping ..

  15. Portland KOIN News just said last nights violence was first in months …when just 2 weeks ago reported violence in Pearl district and shootings every night in NE Portland..MSM Talking out both sides of arse will yield more denial.

  16. In the short term Portland is doing the proverbial rearranging of the deckchairs on the Titanic. Nothing is changing until the city decides to enforce the law and it seems to have no interest in doing that.

  17. This is the reset , this is the socialist Utopia, this is the new world order.
    This is liberalisms finest hour.
    Riots , homelessness , drug addiction , godlessness , cultural
    Insanity , women who don't have the morals of an alley cat , wait , oh.
    Yes they do. Men that think they are women , and get neutered to prove it. Congratulations America , you come a long way baby.
    From a shining city on a hill to
    A frist world slum , with lost of morals, you don't know what bathroom to use and you will soon
    Lose your sovereignty and your bill of rights.

  18. Portland and Seattle are handling crime with methods like trying to stop a flood with a squeegee . They will not put their criminals in jail or prison because either they are scared of them or they are considered their people .

  19. All this rioting, chaos, arson and worse are tools the Marxists are employing to "fundamentally transform America". (B. Obama). Paid for by foreign bad actors like China, Soros, etc. The rioters and governments are all on the same payroll as they tear down the statues, create racial tension, destroy the culture. Tear down a country then rebuild it to your liking. I'd implore people to wake up but i've lost faith in American's ability to face reality.

  20. I would like to hear how insurance companies are responding. Sure rates are going up and some coverage dropped, but I would like to know are the insurance companies suing cities for taking no action? Are insurance companies woke and not litigating because they feel the riots are justified?

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