New hi-tech parking fine technology being trialled in Adelaide CBD | 7NEWS

A new hi-tech “sticker licker” is being trailed by Adelaide City Council which can dish out parking fines faster than ever before. If all goes to plan, inspectors will …


  1. Paken park full dirty with bottles and paper and wasting money on this stuff for financial gain what load of 🥜 wats point have a car where supposed to park

  2. There’s more behind this technology that what you think it can be used for forensics murder investigations personal data list just goes on they tell you what they want you to believe it’s just a joke I live in a big brother world that needs to stop

  3. There’s more behind than just what they tell you it can be used for forensics cars that were in the area of murder etc it won’t just be used for parking fines ha ha ha ha

  4. Australia seems to be the only country with such intense hunger for revenue at the expense of the common man!… Its really disgraceful!

  5. 🤔 new tech aye… they run on the same system as high way patrol? Or plates can be changed or whether or not the op is a stalker…tech is evolving, even with jammers 😆

  6. Great now more people out of a job and more pollution in the city. What happened to their policy about reduce cars. Just a money grab. Amazing how they can afford this when they can't even to fix up their buildings or roads.

  7. It's funny how they broadcast this like it's a good thing when really it's just another way for the councils to fine ppl let alone spy on ppl. It's all one big scam.

  8. Newsworthy: All I heard is that Adelaide is behind the time as other councils around the country are already use to it and issues fines with it instead of reporting on this “new magic thing” on the news

  9. Verbally abusing the parking inspectors (even if you didn't cop a fine) as he's walking down the street just doing his job is half the fun and I think it's unAustralian to deny future generations an old Australian pastime.

  10. Councils are ridiculous, they put in medium/high-density housing and immediately reduce parking time limits thereby guaranteeing upping revenue in parking fines. Outrageous behavior masked as blah blah blah or whatever spin they put on it. Greed and avarice is their creed.

  11. Lol I fit got a $600 parking fine in my truck by the council. I just filled up a water can of weed killer , went to nearest roundabout and did $600 damage to the garden 🤷‍♂️

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