Mexico Moves Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

Mar.12 — Mexico’s lower house approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Will the U.S. be next? Aurora Cannabis CEO Miguel Martin speaks on …


  1. CANNABIS in M茅xico was always LEGAL and DECRIMINALIZED until the USA imposed the PROHIBITION and CRIMINALIZATION.
    *COCAINE is smuggled from Communist-Cuba.
    *Communist-Cuba is owned and controlled by the CIA and Mossad.
    aka The Cartel.

  2. Mexico need JOBs badly to keep people from rioting and looting because of contagion COVID-19. This year or next year after distribution of vaccine in Mexico, the government will legalize Marijuana!

  3. Our radical leftist populist president wants to legalize Cannabis in the midst of the pandemic because he knows covid-19 attacks the lungs of the people and the pandemic in Mexico is a "genocide" it means more people will die, corruption and crime will increase, and DEA, CIA and Mossad undercover agents working in Mexico with the cartels will be expelled. Joe Biden said the pandemic will end soon. But I don't know how because our president don't even wear a mask.

  4. Little do people know its pressure from the United States so when the US decides to make it legal on a federal level it will be the nail in the coffin and the United States will take all the credit. But behind the scenes Mexico has already sent a signal that this is just the beginning cocaine is next. Like the Mexican president said we didn鈥檛 invent cocaine why are we known for this shit.

  5. Here in California the commercial price of a gram of Top-Shelf Bud is between 15 to 30 dlls (ONE gram! more expensive than GOLD!) … Can Mexicans in Mexico afford that? Will Americans start going to Mexico and get better "deals"? Is Mexico culturally/politically prepared for this? Will this create black markets, corruption, crime and violence? I think Mexico is not prepared for "legalization".

  6. What would happen in the southern borders countries with Mexico like Guatemala, Cuba, or Belize, where it will continue being illegal despite the huge demand and consume of it ?

  7. Smoking, consuming or vaporizing cannabis can lead to Lung Cancer, financial bankruptcy and other problems.
    Cannabis is a "placebo" Humans have THC receptors and we enjoy being HIGH.. but weak minds tend to abuse and misuse.. and many of my paisanos in Mexico are weak and under educated…

  8. Is all about …. MONEY ! and those who "worship" money are heavily involved… regardless if the abuse and misuse of cannabis is a potential threat to public health.

  9. Always bothered me going to Mexico and only being able to find snickle fritz with 0% THC yet you can get over the counter pharmaceuticals. Wont have to reach for the pain killers anymore in MX lmao

  10. Tobacco, firearms, and alcohol all did this year's over; recreational use of 'pot' has already gained attention with illegal activity. Illegally crossing the border, public intoxication, driving while under the influence, secondhand intoxication, and manic depression from the dependency on drugs has always been the first and best income source of law enforcement; is this worth its weight in ecological damage and the demand for toxins poisoning infants?

  11. Believe me, I work for the top companies on the stockmarket growing for them.. 401k and all.
    California, Texas, Oklahoma and FLorida can supply the entire nation.. and that does not includes the 2 million pounds on legal records in washington and oregon already as I type this, literally.

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