1. What was the dose and formula used? I write internationally on cannabis as medicine, the first patient profile I did on an MS patient detailed a protocol of juicing leaf for complete remission – this was after the patient was bedridden for two years on 23 pharmaceuticals. The process took six months. Others have remission by taking the strong cannabis oil – alcohol reduction, whole plant. It saddened me to hear you say it's not the end all, with such low percentages of help. That has not been my experience with patients success stories.

  2. i was diagnosed with MS in aug 2017, and Mastocytosis in dec 2017( mast cell disease), i have previously used Marijuana for self medicating for chronic pain, in my findings for both MS and Mast, ive aslo found that i have arthritis in my back neck and hands, compressed fractured t2-3, compressed c6-7, and a few more things but, i started CBD and has improved in so many ways i feel more energetic, i feel like i can function and interact with my kids, both thc and cbd work together thc helps numb the symptoms, helps me sleep, controls my muscles spasms. It also allows me to take less baclofen and hyrdroxine which kinda make me sleepy and lazy, angry, and depressed. Its not the CURE but to me it helps way more then anything else right now i aslo feel since starting the cbd i have stoped the progression of my MS or slowed it right down.

  3. Your seriously causing me to have second thoughts, it's well known but I'm sick to much to go into it, I hope you know better than addiction & I refuse pain pills but our bodies endo cannabinoid works even better on opiate patients to use together. Allowing many like myself to only use them with needed, I appreciate your love & studies but as they say we're all different,
    I'm sorry I cannot express all I want or may be misinterpreted as negative and that is due to my illness fever and pains coming on, off to cbd & edible chicken noodle, LEGALIZE

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