Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown || Ep. 10: Overcome Trauma: MDMA, PTSD & Our Ability to Heal w/ Rick Doblin

Mayim explains the neurobiology of trauma and reveals her own experience working to overcome a traumatic event. Rick details the ground-breaking research …


  1. I hope you do more podcasts on the topic of PTSD. This was super interesting. I do have the clinical diagnosis and am curious to hear more about the brain and PTSD. I’m a good 26 plus years out from the trauma and did the work of talk therapy. But this still impacts my life and the topic is just intriguing I’d love to hear about it from the perspective of your neuroscientist lens.

  2. Love this! It seems that every episode is better than the last. I've been told i need to try psychedelics for a change in perspective. I have lots of anxiety and probably unprocessed trauma. I'm excited for the possibility of MDNAs for mh treatment.

  3. Thank you Mayim for addressing this people do the same thing with Bi Polar disorder it's so aggravating. Wow I really learned a lot from this session. I really look forward to your podcast every tuesday thank you so much.

  4. Again, your podcast made me go “huh, that makes so much sense.” I grew up with bible stories like Moses and never once thought they might just be hallucinations but after hearing Rick bring that up, it’s like I’ve got a whole new perspective on things like that.

  5. I will have to watch again – I was tracking with you until the interview with Rick. The discussion with Rick went over my head or I got lost somewhere. I will say this: I have diagnosed PTSD for three different events in two years. While the experiences are not related and completely different, I found that PTSD compounded is a huge challenge because while dealing with the first event and already worn down, the second one resulted in legal action and took two years to resolve. By the time the third event happened, I was depleted of all positivity, reliving the third experience daily and losing my beloved Golden, Patience, the same year. During this time, trying to reconcile the event while armchair experts (acquaintances) speculate and tell me it was my fault (even though I was a passenger) was specifically debilitating mentally and physically. People really need to be more careful of their choice of words and how they impact others. Once the words leave their mouths (fingers if typing), they can't be taken back.

  6. How can anyone dislike Mayim's podcasts (we all have our likes and dislikes). Mayim, thank you for all you do. Thank you for being a wonderful role model. Thank you for being genuine, raw, and sincere. We adore you! <3

  7. Is there pharmacogenetic research on MDMA or other psychoactive substances like my psychiatrist offers with a cheek swab? It tells me that I'm an ultra-rapid metabolizer of certain psychiatric drugs and that they will be less effective and possibly more toxic. I'm wondering if this explains some of my experiences with illicit substances

  8. I'm hearing this podcast from another part of the world. It's so comforting to know that I'm not the crazy person some may think. I'm just an average woman, mother, wife, and I don't need to keep trying to be perfect. God bless you Mayim. Thank you from my heart.

  9. I experimented with MDMA once in the Rave days, when I was also taking an SSRI medication. Back then nobody warned me about the deadly dangers of serotonin syndrome. Is there more new science on this? I remember my experience was absolutely nothing. I did not feel any effects from the drug but I definitely felt the same come down the next day as my friends.

  10. I have complex ptsd and I'm now exploring "post traumatic growth". This has given me a new and hopeful way to look at my life and how I approach ways of coping. Thanks for your talk

  11. PTSD first appeared in a staff meeting when we were preparing for intake of a new child on campus. We had staff training by the Psychiatrist and he went over the Latest DSM definition. So, in the 1980's? The training was not adequate, as technique training didn't follow for at least 5 years. We just weren't given tools for treating and policy changes which were trauma informed. We did get there.

  12. A friend and I found our best friends body after he had shot himself in the head. It makes me angry that he seems to be able to move on and I am traumatized and stuck.

  13. Hi MB. You should do a podcast on extreme bullying and the effects that it has on an individual and society. It is a cancer in our culture and it is often not talked about, yet has debilitating and life-long effects.

  14. I would love if you had Rick Doblin on again. I have always felt, we as a society, don't explore all solutions we can-to heal. We have such need, and such exclusion to helping those who need. Thank you for your help in expanding our knowledge and awareness. Thank you for your help. I am a grateful follower.

  15. hey. can a terrible / abusive relationship cause someone to have PTSD? And if someone self diagnosed themselves with said PTSD , chances are they doubt have it?
    as I understand perspective has much to do each individual and how you handle situations. please correct me and to my knowledge of understanding. 😁😊🙏

  16. There are no words to describe how much this podcast means to me, and how much it has helped me. I suffered significant trauma as a child/young adult, and my parents always tell me to "just get over it." It is very validating to hear that this kind of trauma isn't something that you can just get over, and it is also very uplifting to learn how the brain and body react to trauma…do you know what it's like to finally feel that I'm not a defective person because I can't just get over it? Thank you.

  17. Thank you for this podcast. Greatly informative and eye opening. Huge fan of yours, grew up watching Blossom, your career and education paths are motivational to me, and TBBT is my favorite show of ALL times. Thank you for everything you do. Much love from Beirut ❤.

  18. Mayim is famous for saying "I am a scientist that believes the Torah is true", I can tell here that she might believe that in a technical way, but she "knows better", she doesn't believe Moses actually parted the red sea or God sent an angel to stop abraham from killing his son… or any of that…not …" REALLY"; I wish she would CLARIFY this for everyone listening (sorry if she already has).

  19. This might be my favorite episode yet. Posted for my combat vet, formerly trafficked / assaulted friends & associates to watch, as well.

    God bless your guest for the work he’s doing in this arena! ♥️♥️♥️

  20. Thank you Mayim for bringing to light that taking care of our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Mental health issues are not personal moral failures. They are a complex interplay between our genetics, environmental experiences, personal behaviors and our complex neurological system. Caring for you’re mental health and working through mental health issues is not a weakness it’s a strength. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your weekly podcasts! Thank you again.

  21. I am loving that we now have a name, "Breakers"! Thank you SO very much for stating that clinical diagnoses are serious. Both my children and I have actual diagnoses. I cannot say how much it annoys me that people use these terms in common conversation. #MayimBialik = #Awesome !

  22. Made the mistake of turning on the You Tube video and then hopped in the shower. Had to listen to an infomercial for the entire time! I'll wait to just listen to the podcast in the future. Enjoy the information none the less!

  23. Mayim,may I please have info on new jewish spiritual group you mentioned? What's in mdma drug? How do we send and receive private message? Can you recommend shadchens and connect young professionals? Shabbos invites?

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