Maximize your Weed Yields with the same Grow Light | Lux & Par Meters

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  1. I know that might sound stupid, but do you happen to know how man luxes a simple mint needs ? I'm trying to rescue ca. 30 years old mint plant from dying in my garden on which I grew up.

  2. A correction to your video…just came across it while doing research for this particular light meter (BTW, i'd be interested to know where you discovered this meter can do LEDs, since i can't find this information; I've gone as far as e-mailing the manufacturer to find out)…. the lux values cannabis needs that you quoted in the beginning and end of the video are waaay high (I know some people quote them that high, those people are incorrect). A really bright day CAN reach 100,000 lux, but is usually about 32,000 Lux and very few species of plants need above 40,000, ever….70,000+ causes all sorts of issues…..This is why in your video your meter couldn't get anywhere near those values unless you were a foot or less away from the light…which would be too close/hot for a canopy…it wasn't just because Lux meters aren't great with LED-light accuracy, it was mostly because the values you quoted were too much. Remember that even an HID bulb that gives off 100,000 initial lumens falls to 11,000 lumens at 3 feet away. So the lux values people REALLY get at their canopy level aren't THAT crazy. Cannabis in flowering phase actually does fantastic at 15-25,000 lux….in vegetative phase it can easily survive off 10,000 lux.

  3. can i ask how much is the minimum amount of light to keep the plant in veg? im living in a country where its 12/12 all year long and the electricity is waaaayyy expensive. thanks guys! Its just that i cant seem to find the answer online any help will be appreciated.

  4. I feel that the idea behind this video was good, but the execution was pretty cooked lol
    To say your lux reading of 25k was actually around 30-35k suggests an error of 20-40%..just sayin
    love your vids though dude, highly entertaining!

  5. I'm first god dammit!! haha but hey bro I have a question. I know this is an ongoing debate, but do you prefer to grow with leds or hps lights? I'm not sure which one I want to use. I know hps lights use more electricity, but leds can be more expensive. I'm really trying to use whatever will give me the maximum yield.

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