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  1. @14:30 – I disagree. If Sen. Schumer is truly combining bills (per his Al Harrington interview), It's likely HB 3884 (The MORE Act) & HB's 420 & 1120 and SB 420 (The Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act). The industry will develop much quicker because it will have to. MORE & RMLA both place regulatory purview under Treasury. RMLA more specifically puts it under TBB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) and funds it $10M annually to vet and Issue permits, fund field audits & facility inspections, investigate violations of Trade Practices etc. It gives State licensed Manufacturers and Processors 180 days to file a Federal Permit Application or shutter. It has SOME of the teeth needed. What will need to follow is codification of a Federal Marijuana Act to determine what standardizations can be made to facilitate Interstate Commerce. These would be issues like COLA (Certificate of Label Approval), Serving Size, Testing Standards (hopefully). The weakness of RMLA is it lacks any Social Equity provisions. MORE doesn't go far enough on the Regulatory side.

  2. There is an inherent problem with any industry whose profit margins can only be maintained through the threat of the Police. Anything short of the "beer model" is doomed to frustration and failure. The race to the bottom will continue unabated. Oklahoma, of all places, is at the forefront. That model will be replicated, and improved, but the die has been cast.

  3. The phrase that makes all the difference is "supplemental lighting". Virtually all lights used to grow commercial indoor weed are Intended to be supplemental lighting in greenhouses.

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