Marijuana Kills Kids Apparently, and a Tennessee Lawmaker Wants to PERMANENTLY Block Legalization

Marijuana Kills Kids Apparently, and a Tennessee Lawmaker Wants to Permanently Block Legalization Limiting THC might become a trend for policymakers, …


  1. Love show , great info👍
    Im looking for any new on FL. Personal use thc? I have a sister living there , she is getting the run a round ?? ($400) for med. Card ? Sounds funny.
    But I live in Ca. So no problems for me.
    Can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks for doing your show 🤘🤘

  2. The people in Tn want it legal, its the cops and politicians that are still acting like its crack. Remember Nashville saying they are decriminalizing…bullshit, its up to the cops discretion,,my buddy got arrested for a joint recently,,,nothing has changed here in Tn,,,,they still act like weed is crack…i am baffled at the ignorance. Im tired of being disabled or crippled for the rest of my life for serving to fight for a false freedom. Rediculous.

  3. I live in Tennessee and I don’t know a single person against legalization. These politicians are on their own agendas and not representing “we the people”. Such bullshit. They should be removed from office for restricting American Freedoms!

  4. omg with the trump bullshit. lol you guys would rather start new wars fucking done with the stupid liberal bullshit in the cannabis industry. the most intolerant, tolerant people in the world. lol have fun with the tax hike fucking tards. you know it's hard to be an ancap in the cannabis industry with all the liberal hate. lol trumpers forget Americas a thing? that tells me you are uninformed, with extreme cognitive disonace because America is the thing trump was fighting for unlike you liberal fucks who love the open borders. see your dumb thought process you think the guy who actually helped America and Americans don't know about America fuck these stupid fucks. you think Biden knows about America and Americans when he killed 50k jobs within a week and killed America's energy independence? uniformed fuckktards

  5. I smoke cannabis everyday. Just stating this. Hope weed is just called weed and freed. Stop legalizing decriminalizing illegalizing. so people like this dont start propheting too. Just leave it alone let people grow it and smoke and eat it. Whatta Mata yous

  6. Vote him out! Vote him out! Vote him out! -Rep. Brandon Ogles needs and intervention. I think his oxycontin use is finally becoming and issue to public health.

    Unfortunately his children will get hooked on spice and have seizers, gets hooked xans and dope and expire as those type that reject cannabis often do.

    Embrace the weed or face consequences (from kharma) imagine having cancer and they won't let you sip on light cannabis vapor because there's a politician getting his picked stuffed by perdue

  7. Nebraska is a prison State it's an industry fact.nebraska is flooded with all products from Colorado fact.thanks Colorado the medical blue dream is like so relaxing great job.

  8. Soz but I love showing these figures…Excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95,000 deaths in the United States each year, or 261 deaths per day

  9. These show there were 5460 deaths related to alcohol specific causes registered between January and September 2020 in England alone—a 16.4% increase compared with the same nine month period in 2019 (4689 deaths)

  10. I would love to say to all them"alcohol is band now"..can you imagine the up roar..cannabis doesn't lead to other drugs as they say the gateway drug,,it leads to fking carpentry,on how I made another chillum/bong and other smoking utensils..I'd rather have my kids at home in a safe place having a moke with his friends playing his xbox rather then on the streets drinking alcohol being a big pain in the arse to the public..

  11. Talk about "think of the children" bullshit, aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc… are "potentially accessible" to children and they will easily die by taking/eating too many.

  12. The term "Drug" has an negative connotation attached and social stigma driven perception. They are molecules that have psychotropic/psychoactive effects, there's nothing inherently "evil" about molecules nor is it inherently "immoral" to consume such molecules.

  13. Of course kids smoking pot when pharmaceutical companies want to put them put on adderall and ritalin,, Get them hooked on pharmaceuticals so they grow up with stimulant abuse troubles not something they can grow themselves,, Tobacco killed more people than covid last year, and its still readily available.. You are more likely to die from monster energy drinks than cannabis. The media is can be as damaging than toxic waste,, "

  14. I love cannabis, but I think what this means is cannabis has the history experience of depersonalizing certain individuals or it has been shown to demotivated kids to stay in school, maybe it was metaphor for let our kids grow up first. But still doesnt make sense because if sold to 21 yr old then how would the kids get it. Exactly back to yalls point. Like, really…"kill"? I dont think so

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