Marijuana in Korea

Smoking marijuana is highly illegal in Korea. Recently, another Korean celebrity smoked marijuana and it became a huge scandal in Korea. Since I’m talking …


  1. i admit, my favorite kpop group had a member scandal involving weed use and it still pisses me off that i can spend time with my best friend who smokes everyday without a care, yet my favorite group is subjected to an entire scandal that treats this very normal thing as so evil and sinful, that he has to leave the group so he doesnt "taint" their reputation, and he even might be prosecuted. its pathetic. companies spend thousands trying to save their groups reputations by punishing victims of bullying rather than the actual bullies, and yet, what is truly evil and mean is brownies and blunts?????? ok….

  2. blame park chunghee. he suppressed the population to do anything that would "stain" the countrys reputation by implementing social and cultural reformation laws. This includes the demoralization of marijuana use. why? well ironically, because the west did the same, namely america's "war on drugs". so this irony kind of contradicts the idea that western people are more progressive about it. if koreans realized the history of it becoming illegal, then maybe they would get it. i dont understand them honestly…they demoralize weed, gambling, single motherhood, and communism, yet still dont see where the skyrocketing rates of suicide come from. there was a korean film called The Net that shows the parallels of south and north korea and how even though both countrys claim to hate things about one another, in more ways than one their fundamental problems are pretty much the same when you boil it down, because on a human level, we are the same. these stigmas exist because people perpetuate them. isnt democracy about the people choosing their own laws???? so why do they still follow a ruthless dictators advice????? also that woman who said "he shouldve known what he was doing but like, the law is dumb"…um, you realize how much that doesnt make any sense?????? if a law is broken or "unnecessary", then its not an individual thing right??? its a societal thing. one side wants to get to the root of the problem, her solution is that he "shouldve known better" and to be punished. but if he got punished, then that would literally be justifying the laws existence in the first place. geez what a dumb answer

  3. It used to be used as medicine in TCM which is practiced in South Korea as well. How do go from that to considering it a dangerous wacky-tocacky? It's incredible how far US's fear mongering has reached, same in Finland. It's the only medicine for autism and bunch of other diseases, yet in Finland even a certifiably sick person is made a criminal for five years at least for possession of less than a joint.

  4. Soju and beer is drug here and anti depressant. Koreans dont understand the meaning of drugs. I haven't heard of anyone high beating their wife or gf or driving and hurting or killing anyone like the weekly occurances of Koreans here.

  5. Man the ethnic people, their answers are not their own, they've been totally brainwashed to believe this way. Its akin to how early 20th century Americans had doctors recommending brands of cigarettes for health lol.

  6. It’s funny how they were saying if Weed was legal it would make society a mess when in Korea they already have mad alcohol and cigarette problems. In my opinion I think weed is way more safe than that toxic nicotine and shit like week is just a plant.

  7. It's just ridiculous that Koreans have such a bad and wrong image of weed they think you're going to be a crazy guy and so on but at the same time Koreans almost take everyday the worst drug of all, alcohol but that's right, alcohol is not a drug 😒

  8. I need greens here like seriously zz i use to smoke out when i was in Australia BUT THIS FUCKING COUNTRY GOT NO GREENS. Idk where to get greens in korea. Anyone know where to get greens in korea? Comment below

  9. LMAOOOO I'M SO ASHAMED TO BE A KOREAN AFTER WATCHING THIS VID. 사회가 혼란스러워 진다고? 시발 아무것도 모르면 입이나 닥쳐 이 개새끼들아!!!

  10. I wanna bring my carts so bad but I know they take it really seriously. I’ve taken few flights with my pen and a cart on but I didn’t get any trouble. I wonder if they can find it out in Korea

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  12. Wtf ! Pot is an everyday thing in America. I'm stoned right now. Send Cheech and Chong over there and let them do a bunch of live shows. Then they'll change they're minds. 😵😵😵😵😵

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