Marijuana Growing Journal – Harvesting and Drying – Week 19

Summary – Harvested my grow this week. Overall, the quality is OK.. it isn’t as good as my last grow, but it still gets me high so really can’t complain. My guess is …


  1. hey gimp. ive chatted a few times with you in the past. updated!! started off with three seeds, ended up with two females. made it to harvest. barely towards the end started having powder mold, figured it out not enough ventilation. fixed the problem. second being having to differnt stains one ended a little over cooked, but the other one i got the trichs were i wanted them. milkly grey few amber. not to heavy on the buzz more energetic. total wt was about a QP.not bad 4 first time.thx4the info

  2. oh this is important******my cousin knows the guy who made general hydroponics and he made a 2 part fertilizer specifically made for growing weed and it is called flora-duo A and B, a for vegetative state, and b for flowering, I looked around and the cheapest place to get it is on amazon and i would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it, so maby next grow you can try it out and i hope you will be satisfied if you use it

  3. ok, I see…
    Indeed, the breeders rarely gift quality seeds, and you're lucky they are germinated …
    Well, then it's always nice to get free seeds, even if it is not the first quality.
    Your Freebie can be used for your smoke every day, quiet, not too stoned

  4. No, not my strain.. I actually have no idea what it is because this plant grew from my free seeds I got in my last order from Nirvana and they weren't labeled anything except "Freebies"

  5. It's your own seeds? It's a cross?
    What's the name off this strain?
    I think your weed looks like Vinci, a kind of landrace who's grow in St-Vincent, this is typical from sativas
    keep up the good job, man!

  6. Aye I'm getting the when you start your next grow can you make a video on how to clean the bottom reservoir and I would recommend buying your seeds next time from amsterdammarijuanaseeds they have the best germination rates and more females even if they are not feminized they tell you everything like the type of high you get, the yield, indoor/outdoor and I personally found it the easiest

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