Mango & Hemp Oil Body Butter ~ How To Make DIY Whipped Butter Lotion

Here is the exclusive formula for the Mango & Hemp Oil Moisturizing Body Butter. Chalk full of humectants and heavy moisturizing properties this store quality …


  1. I am watching carefully, I have used these ingredients many times wondering why you butter isn't silky smooth?
    I know your butter is completely beautiful, it seems to absorb quickly and I imagine it smells lovely 😊

    I THiNK I figured it out, MAYBE? The electrolytes and her preservative is probably reacting. Well maybe I just watched it again and the butter looks grainy when it is warm too. If anyone knows please tell me.

  2. The best video on body butter I have seen. So glad to see you prepare the jars/lids with diluted bleach. Others just spray with alcohol and call it “sterilized.” I did wonder about any bleach residue though…not a problem?

  3. Thank you for every detail and reasons why you use what you use. It’s very informative and I feel like I’m learning a lot and I’m enjoying myself! If you didn’t know, Your voice is beautiful so it makes everything come together nice:) I love your channel and how organized you are! Your amazing! Keep up the great work! 🥰🤩🏆🥇

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