Making Flavored Rum | Easy and Cheap! – Part 1

We begin our rum series with the fermentation process in this video. The next video will include the distillation and flavoring process. Visit our community tab to …


  1. This channel with all its depth and broad suite of great videos may be one of the greatest parts of the internet we have now. No joke, think about it – would that ever be possible on TV?

  2. I wish you were my Dad…. 😉 the difference between you and I are your tools and materials are so much better and you have a better education, other than that our interests are the same. I have delved into nearly all the topics you have covered during my years of experimenting and exploring the world around me and watching your videos is like remembering my past. So, the choice for the rum is only 1 item or a combo? If its 1, then you may want to make 3 different batches from your main primary batch. #1, straight up no additional flavors, #2, the single choice of flavor, #3 a batch with multiple flavors in the gin basket. My 2 additionals would be cinnamon and coffee mix. Well, thats what I would try to do… 😉

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