Livingston County Sheriff, other officials speak out against marijuana legalization in NY

Local law enforcement agencies, including Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty, spoke out Thursday morning against plans to legalize marijuana.


  1. Just listening to this liar piece of sh*t. He needs to take his drug dogs to his family's grave digging drug smuggling front in Livonia and Dansville.

  2. Its hard to believe a real Sheriff would even hang around this puppet bullshit artiest. Some of Howdy Dorty's biggest supporters need pot to stay illegal. Like County Judge Cohen's brother that got swat teamed for not paying his protection money. I mean growing pot. Timber Jack Tom protects the hard drug running into Rochester wile faking his Crime data.

  3. These people have no idea what they are talking about. Weed, made by God is way better then anything man made. The government wants you to buy pharmaceuticals hence weed being illegal. It has so many benefits I can not possibly mention them all here. I use to think weed was bad until I saw it help so many people. Now I am pro use. It is is none of the governments business what you chose to put in your body.

  4. Legal or not if they can detected , why they are against? you are resposible for your mistakes if you drive, but police cant fight against calm peoplle 🤣

  5. How many bars don't have a parking lot? But alcohol is still legal yep people will have some new freedoms if marijuana had never been illegal in the first place you wouldn't even worry about testing . Pot doesn't make crime if it's legal , grasping for straws there just want to keep funding up for there department with illegal seizures of drug money. This is crap all these health issues already exist in today's world. Just do your jobs protect and serve . Public employees is what you are!

  6. It’s complete bullshit it’s about control with these police officers hell they are willing to put u in jail even if u not under the influence if u test positive all they going to do is put innocent people in jail or prison

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