LIVE Telecaster Build (complete build)

In today’s livestream, we will attempt to build a tele style guitar from start to finish LIVE Here is a parts list for today’s build. Body – Neck …


  1. Yo Dylan..
    It look like you broke into a homeless persons house and started filming yourself..
    It look like you carry all your tools around in a plastic bag…
    It look like your workspace is over the kitchen sink of an abandoned Winnebago..
    dude ..i know you is smart..& kind..
    but you gotta get a stylist or something and step up your presentation..& organization to match your skill level. & expertise…
    this is creative criticism from someone who learns a lot from your vids…PEACE..

  2. Greetings dude, groovy stream last night. It is good to see how another person does things and to have them share their wisdoms. I liked watching you looking for tools that you had just put down. I thought was just me that did that….it is everyone apparently. ✌️🎸😎

  3. Treble bleeds are great if you use your knobs a certain way/like a certain sound. I hate that the volume knob rolls off the highs. That is what tone knobs are for. I use a volume pedal for master volume, and use the volume knobs to balance my pickups for specific tones. Treble bleeds aren't stupid. What is stupid is calling them stupid. Why do other preferences about that kind of thing have to be "stupid"?

  4. The thought process and order/flow with little tips/gotchas (don't drill through the fretboard etc lol) were really handy. I don't need 1080p hidef to appreciate those vocalised thoughts, so thanks for posting it.

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