"Limit Costs by Eliminating Liquid Based Macros" Commercial Cultivation – Lesson 3: Nutrients

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  1. As a grower and cannabis consultant I can tell you, you have GREAT content! A lot of value in this video! Please, keep creating content like this! Contact me on instagram @cannaconsultingcolombia. Let's create more content like this!

  2. If you're having to flush bi-weekly because of chronic nutrient lock out, isn't that just a bandaid on a broken dam? Properly controlled watering and feeding should be delivering the right volume of water at the correct EC and pH to keep the rootzone within the desired range for the given stage of life. The volume of my first watering of the day is larger than any of my subsequent waterings because the substrate has had all night to dry out, lowering the water content and raising the EC. If I feed low volume waterings the substrate may not have enough water to cause the runoff which carries away any excess nutrients, causing buildup and lock out. In the same way we monitor the aerial environmental CO2, temperature and humidity we need to start paying attention to our roots. There are very affordable ways to start tracking rootzone EC, pH and water content.

  3. Excellent video:) Hello from Greece:) About flushing what is the appropriate way? I have a Flush bottle is it ok to proceed with that instead of water? After flushing, I leave them for some days and then add nutrients again?

  4. I was hoping you could expand on your flushing process. What are you flushing your plants with every two weeks? Plain RO, or a mild nute solution? What final PPM are you looking for?
    If you were using coco, would you do it any differently? Thanks greatly! 🙂

  5. Dear growers network stick qith qhat you know and thats showi g everyone elses gardeners your information for growing is not easily understood and your promting extra bullshit people don't need to use especially anyone wanting organic

  6. There is no need for any liquid nutrients if you need rooting hormones for seed then you have bad genetics if you use city tap water (declorhinated)you never need macronutrients the city adds all those secondary nutrients because we need them to drink this is just what these people want you to think you have to have to have a big grow which you dont

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