This video was made for documentary purposes for showing my life as a legal cannabis patient and is for legal adults 21+. We are legal ACMPR cannabis …


  1. Nice Buds & grow room setup and harvest; Love Harvest time!. I am subscribing to your station; am your # 7,100. I have a YouTube station here in Oregon; which is pro marijuana & anti Nuclear Weapons, please subscribe if you like it. Here is one of my nuclear weapons videos. I know this is a weird forum for protesting the death of Mother Earth by War and Nuclear Weapons; but then look at the world today and say that these unending wars and the present nuclear arms race makes you comfortable. Love from Oregon.

    Marijuana & Flowers Against Nuclear Weapons
    October 3, 2018 Love from Oregon

  2. Well Doc, Another grrreat grow under your belt. looked amazing 😍 I Can't Even Think of anything Else to Say. Except Kudos to you and Now I'll Jez Say What Godz Alwayz Sez, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz. ✌🏽💚😎

  3. Any suggestions on light height using an Optic 2 in a 2×2 tent. Also it's only 4'10 what size pot should I use to keep it within size?

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