1. Hi Dr Axe you have been a great help throughout my healing journey .I'm still healing and today u hit the hammer on the nail .after changing diet lifestyle and so much more still not back to 100 the mind is a bubble I just wanna burst out .

  2. Gosh I needed this so much! I grew up in a negative oppressive household and I wake Up and go to bed with negative thoughts. I’m sure that’s why things have not gone well in life. I’m trying. I’m working hard to make changes. Thank you for this wonderful tool!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about Dr Amens dad!!! My dad passed in October 2020 of cancer. He was diagnosed in January 2020. During the year I drove back and forth from CO to IL (while quarantining) and worked on being gentile and kind to myself. It was a rough year, but kindness and gentleness to ourselves is so important!!!

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