1. Digging your take on raw cannabis Dizzy. I find that to keep my discipline for daily edibles I have to vary the method. Whether it's oil,brownies,candies etc they can all get old . You've inspired me to take another look at raw medicine. Bless Up !

  2. I learned the juicing method years ago from Nug Buckets (mainlining guru), though I've never employed it into my diet. I think I'm convinced now to give it a try. Thanks Dizzy for all the useful information.

  3. A dizzy grower I eat the leaves I mix them in salads or sometimes I will just munch on a leaf right of the plant after washing it first .
    Informative show, allot of people don't know the health benefits of raw cannabis between the leaves and the seeds you almost have everything you need for a healthy diet.
    Again good show much respect to you and Pedro.

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