Joe Biden’s Drug Czar wants Federal Cannabis Legalization?

Joe Biden’s Drug Czar wants Federal Cannabis Legalization? Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS of this Full Episode: …


  1. People beg to be able to grow, Look at the stuff those politicians in dc do, hell its been legal to smoke in dc for a long time. I gotta get elected, go up middle class end up mega rich. Doesn't matter folks, by the end of this year the stock market gonna crash gonna be worse than the great depression. This time we have a bunch of anti Americans inside our country and your all worried about if our great leaders let you grow a few plants and half of you can't grow worth a shit if you were honest about it.

  2. Definitely team HOMEGROW !! It is critical to have homegrow not only for people that cannot afford to buy from dispensaries but also for research and development of cannabis. And as cannabis proponents we are natural sharers. We always want what is best for our fellow cannabis users and try to help in anyway to grow the best medicine we can!

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