Is Mexico PRESSURING Joe Biden to Legalize Weed?

Is Mexico PRESSURING Joe Biden to Legalize Weed? *FULL EPISODE* Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS of this Full Episode: …


  1. Trump and the Rep party are going to war with each other right now. His power and potentially I think we are just seing only the tip of the ice berg this him

  2. America people are going to get tired of convictions and Evictions because this racist law. I kind like how former President Trump was ok with legalization more so than Biden & Harris…♡ I did not vote for them because of there history agsinst cannabis legalization… so if they want to stay and get my vote they need to legalize or else I'm voting Trump again ♡ 2024

  3. I think the Mexican government is making a killing working with the cartels, and here in the US well there has been a lot of evidence suggesting that the CIA is in the drug trade so I think thats what holding them back in both countries.

  4. This is good news. South America and our neighbors up north are legalizing. In America there some parts that are legal, so why not put the nail in the coffin.

  5. At 7:52 it does yeah. It’s kinda stupid though lol… my grandma who is 75 and Hispanic is against it, she’s a good catholic woman that believes marijuana is a gateway drug (which I disagree completely) and that it should be illegal and that god doesn’t accept that blah blah

  6. I just wonder, how are they gonna enforce the limit? Are they gonna go around testing everyone’s supply? There’s no way to truly regulate it, the black market will take over if the cap happens. #StopTheCap

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