Is Extract Labs REAL? See the LAB TESTS and CBD review.

Extract Labs CBD review. Plus I sent 2 products to 2 labs to see if they’re real CBD. I paid for the product and the lab tests. This is not sponsored. This is my …


  1. I’ve been curious to try their delta 8 vape but I’m afraid to use delta 8 due to the fact of the acids used to make it there are no companies testing for reagents (acids) used of bleaches …. where could I get delta 8 tested ?

  2. I've used this product (the 1000mg one) and was very happy with it. I'm very glad you reviewed it because Extract Labs does their own lab work — it isn't vetted by independent labs. The fact that your lab results matched (at least for the cannabinoid levels) is reassuring.

  3. So glad they got your seal of approval! I’ve used their CBD oil for my anxiety for over a year now, and it’s been fantastic for me. I used to live in boulder, so wanted to support a local company and smaller business 👍🏻

  4. Probably one of the best companies I've used for cbd. Had a problem the other day with product showing up sorta dried out (was crumble) they gave me a full refund on a 100+ order even though only 2 of the crumbles were dry. They also offer a friends and family discount if you meet the requirements. Its half off so definitely worth checking out. Again if your on the fence this is a great company.

  5. With all the labs you’ve done to all the CBD oils, In your honest opinion which CBD oil would you say is the best product WITH the best lab test results.. I go through really bad anxiety daily. And I’ve tried 1000mg IGNITE CBD OIL but I feel like it’s not actually that potent.

  6. Sir, I have said this before. Your methods reveal the best products. And the brands that your tests say are good, correspond to the same brands that work for me. But until I found your channel, I was second guessing my own results. In good conscience, I have to use links on your site when I can. Thank you!

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