Is CANNABIS OIL A CANCER CURE? | And what is the #6630507 cannabis patent?

Is Cannabis oil cancer cure? There have been many cannabis documentaries but what is the truth? Is cannabis oil a cure for Parkinsons? What really are the …


  1. I was using cannabis to treat my illness but someone found out and told the police so now I have a police record for treating my illness
    I use the pain killers the doctor has given me but they sont work so I have to double up on pain meds that actualy make me ill
    our laws are outdated
    I have never been in trouble with the police and keep my self to my self but yet hear I am a crinimal now under the eyes or our brutal laws
    I also know that taken more pain meds will end up destroying my liver and other internal organs and doctor says don't take so may pain killers so I am expected to sit hear in angonyand get no sleep because our gov will not listen to its people they say uk is diplomatic I think its pathetic more like 
    same with leaving eu the people say one thing the gov fight it all the way even after its people have spoken I hate being in the uk and if I had the money I would leave this shit hole and go somwhare I could get my medication I need
    if they say its illegal then every living thing should be locked up as canabanoids are in every living thing on this planet so they should lock everything up
    as humans make cananoifd inside there body
    cells are made of of them all I know my rights are notbeing held up hear should be a human right to pain treatment
    but its ok for these people to go home and sit back after saying no to legal weed
    and have a glass of wine or a whiskey I don't drink but I don't say make it illegal even thou drink should be illegal as it is a stain on our streets   cannabis is not no one has died from weed but plenty have died from drink I'm sick of the double standards in this so called diplomatic uk I bet if they got cancer or something else they would be on a plane off to usa to get cured by using weed we only have 1 life why should I have to live it in pain

  2. According to the information space of diagnosis ICD ( modern methods of conventional medicine cancer in 2016 cured in 11% of cases overall. For example, a woman with breast cancer treated with chemotherapy, have made one operation in Vienna, the second in the river and then the cancer appeared in the spleen. This is a common situation of such an official approach to the treatment. Why these results? Cancer viral disease, viruses carried by blood throughout the body and penetrate into the cells of various organs. When the amount of virus in a cell more than 224 cell becomes cancerous. So do the operation by cutting out cancerous tumors, to use chemicals, irradiation is not promising cancer occur elsewhere. It is necessary to suppress all the viruses and then all of the cancer cells will move into a stage of healthy. Such technology is used and ICD successfully treated all kinds of cancer with natural foods. ICD for 3 minutes on a photo of the patient is determined by the number of viruses and cancer, and within 3 days all viruses and cancer are suppressed anymore. Unfortunately, this only holds ICD technology.
    Ermakov P, professor

  3. I have had some feedback on this, I am well aware of the cancer act 1939. Let me say as I have many times already since this video has gone up. It is a question. I want to know why a government would patent a product that may have medicinal virtues but not allow it to be trialled and research as such. On this channel I ask questions so I can gather information. I want to know how the world works.

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