IBC VS IGIC | Beat the Banks, IRS, and 401K Retirement Accounts!

Matthew Pillmore, president of VIP Financial Education, takes another deep-dive into the truth about the Infinite Banking Concept and becoming your own bank …


  1. This is just a naming gimmick. She demonstrated NO difference between what she is doing and the infinite banking developed by R. Nelson Nash. Shame on her for that, but good on her for promoting this extremely under-rated strategy.
    Anyone and everyone should look into this even if you are uninsurable, but you may be able to insure someone else and still use this financial strategy.
    Everyone read Becoming Your Own Banker and The Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth. You'll be glad that you did!

  2. As always thanks for the great content Matt, and also thank you for the reminder I need to read the infinite banking concept book. I'll make good use of my 12 hour flight to Hawaii by reading it. Thanks again for all you do, and I'll be talking to you soon!

  3. Good Content. But the IGIC she talks about sounds no different then the High Cash Value Whole Life Policy I have properly designed for the Infinite Banking Concept. Thjs is a GAME CHANGER to preserve Wealth tax free🙌🏾
    Keep in mind, it is NOT an Investment but instead Savings Account On Steroids that recaptures money that flows through your system whether its to pay debt off or Invest.

  4. Timestamps:
    2:19​ – What is the Infinite Banking Concept?
    3:24​ – The Infinite Banking Concept VS IGIC
    5:03​ – When is Infinite Banking better than IGIC?
    6:27​ – IGIC’s risk compared to 401K and other qualified accounts
    8:15​ – The Tax-Free benefit of IGIC
    9:03​ – IGIC’s main disadvantage
    10:27​ – What are the health requirements?

  5. She's simply talking about a dividend paying whole life insurance policy with a mutual company, exact same type of policy used for IBC.

    IGIC Is just another sales gimmick using IBC to make people think they are getting a different product.

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