I SUGAR WAXED for the FIRST Time! | Update | Skin Still Smooth?! | Irritation + Aftercare

☆Hey yall! Today I am going update you on the sugar waxing I did on my own underarms. I am enjoying this hair removal method and want to share how the …


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  2. I love your YouTube channels. It’s to see a Black Woman talking about everything that in a woman lifestyle such as sex, detox, cleaning and etc. I appreciate all the information you have provided.

  3. Soooooo idk what I did wrong but it was wrong lol!!! I thought I was I following your and kaice alea process but I guess not.
    I did try it again the other day and still unsuccessful

    My wax consistency was so different than how yours looked and that card they give was hard for me to use

    Any suggestions?

  4. Have u tried the epilador? I loooveee it! To me, now, it is one of those products that are a must have! It removes hair from the root and the pain is very tolerable.

  5. I love this because I pretty much had the same experience when so first I sugar waxed myself which was a couple of years ago. I did regular waxing first and my skin flared up so bad and I’d only done it on my legs. I tried an epilator after than and the ingrowns were even worse. After giving my skin a much needed break, I tried sugaring & I had such a good experience. No flare ups, ingrowns and my H.S. wasn’t triggered. My unarmed are extremely sensitive but I didn’t have an issue sugaring them. The hair on my legs from my knees to ankles doesn’t grown at all anymore. My skin is baby smooth. Hoping that happens to the rest of the areas I wax lol. Oh and if you ever consider giving yourself a Brazilian… I highly do NOT recommend. 😭

  6. I may try this… I started out waxing after I decided to stop shaving due to razor bumps. I have opted for laser hair removal and it has stopped majority of my growth, but I still will try this in between my appointments.

    I love that vitamin c scrub 😍

  7. Thanks for BOTH of your videos! I have had a sugar waxing kit for almost a yr but never used it. Your first vid encouraged me to go try it. I agree with everything you said in this vid! Super soft skin. It's only bern a week but all clear. I rubbed yes I aloe on my pits right afterwards and it took care of me.

  8. I paused the vid to download the app and 20 mins later I'm a "Snap Master" with a whopping $8,176 points and I'm not even done snapping receipts. I'm close to getting my 1st Amazon gift card. I LOVE FREE STUFF!!! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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