A few months back I posted my first video on this topic – Weed Addiction. I grew up believing the same as most people, “weed is not addictive.” Well let me tell …


  1. Wow, this is exactly what I experience when I stop, and Im going to give it up for good this time. It literally makes me malfunction socially to the point where I dont even want to be around people, and I become so disconnected from myself that I lose my vision for the future. It just has never been right for me, and unlike some people I can not function on it at all. With clarity comes confidence, and I remember how present and fluid I was when I quit before. Thanks for the video. I had already made the decision, but this really helped motivate me even more.

  2. I’ve never commented on a YouTube video before but I sadly relate to this so much, I’m on day 3 right now of no weed and it’s hard. I definitely noticed that I sort of forgot how to go about my day without fitting in smoking and it really sucks but I’m already feeling more energetic and in the moment like you said 🙂 great video, it helped motivate me to keep going!!

  3. Such a meaningful coincidence that you posted this just when I'm so deep into a relapse. I keep quitting for brief periods of time and then coming back to it. Tomorrow is yet another day one for me. Your journey gives me hope!

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