1. Id be super leery about investing into any company in this sector thats being run/operated in Columbia & Mexico (2 countries controlled by Cartel). So they’ll be dipping into Cartel pockets & we know how well that’ll go over. Or, they are a front & backed by cartel so they are involved?🤷‍♂️ Not trying to wear a tinfoil hat, but nothing drug related runs through these areas without cartel knowledge & permission.

  2. Wow you just turned on n you mentioned & answerd my question !! Wow you guys really take this information to ANOTHER LEVEl ! Wnat to say thankoyu !! !! I’ve tryed to get 1 of ur membership if ever decide to run it again , for was to late that day ..for my wife is sick so had to tune in late .. please let me know .Iam always listening!! Great job guys ! Levels above !!!

  3. 5.56 at a time like this? LMAO im not gon lie, i was mad at Alpha Status stocks for a min, but I really do fck w yall. But the best picks yall dont point out. And thats lame. But the 762 was cool.

  4. Love your channel guys!!! my brother and I are new subscribers and new to investing and your videos have been of great info and we hope to build our portfolio with you guys.. keep up the awesome videos!! 💴 💰

  5. Thank you for all of your hard work! You guys are fun and so informative at the same time! After having you "for a teacher" its hard sitting through anyone else's class😂

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