1. Hi Tate! Command hangers are the best, they're also available at Target and Walmart ,also Hobby Lobby and Home Depot, in different sizes and uses, you really have a beautiful jungle vibe in your room, your Alocasia plants are beautiful, love your videos, keep up the good work, hugs from Orange County, Ca 😀🌱🌿

  2. You are too damn funny and I am a fidgeter also, have been since I was little, pls never apologize for being you, that's why I love you girl. Love the plants on the ceiling, it looks amazing and I bet the view laying in bed looks cool. Happy you got your brace off, take care!

  3. Tate! Please, please, please, at all cost — AVOid wire hangers! (the plastic is okay). And, do not worry — there is nothing wrong with you (unless Dunkin' has been buying their chocolate from Starbucks) — You are completely normal (I think) — it's just that your brain moves faster than your mouth. HUGZ! — L 💚💚💚

  4. Wow that looks super cool, never seen the ones on your ceiling before. I need to try this with my rhaphidophora tetrasperma as it's almost touching the ceiling. Thanks for uploading! I know you're a smaller channel compared to others but you are already one of my favourites ✨

  5. You're right not to censure yourself and allowed to do it everytime you need 😉 youtube woul'd like to make us believe life is always happy but it.s not and so many picture-smiling are just lying… Never let people censure you 💪👍(sorry if my english is strange, I'm french 😉). Love your videos Keep being U 😉🙂🙂🙂 I love your videos 👍💪🙂🙂🙂

  6. Your so inspiring I have 30 plants and am just 11 and I just realized people my age are just shaking their butts and am just taking care of plants btw today is my birthday 🥳

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