How to talk to your parents about smoking WEED

Weed is a sensitive topic of discussion among family members. There are lots of people who smoke weed who want their family members to know they smoke, …


  1. Thanks for the videos Doc because of them I’ve been off the weed for 2 months and nicotine for over 3 months now and feel great. Going off what you said at the end of the video, by the end of smoking for 10 years… I realized I liked the idea of being high more than I actually liked the feeling once I was stoned. If this is any of you I was in the same boat, and you can quit too

  2. Sometimes getting asthma from smoking. Or a heart attack could make some people quit in shock. And emphysema COPD and cancer. Could make some people want to quit smoking more. And sometimes they might not know that's why they quit. But they was listing to their body

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