HOW TO SPEND YOUR STIMULUS CHECK – Kubota BX23S, Curtis Cab, Money Well Spent

Spending your stimulus money on something that could save your life and make working with your tractor much more enjoyable. Kubota sub compact BX23S …


  1. Hey Jon, I bought a BX23S last December with the same Curtis Cab you have. Do you find it really difficult to get the backhoe hydraulic lines on and off? Not sure if it is the way my dealer installed it or just the cab design itself. Love your channel!

  2. Great Video Jon. Mike sure does look cold up here in Alaska doesn't he? And darn it he got me to buy a B2601 just like his 🙂 Might need to look into that cab.

  3. Hi Jon, great videos. Do you have the kubota 3rd function kit? If you installed it yourself did you do a video on it? If not any chance you could post a close up pic of the hydraulic connectors on the loader?

  4. How's she goin'? Jon I think you like your cab!!! LOL I have a Curtis cab, soft sided, and I just love it. Once you have a cab it would be hard to go back to an open work station tractor. Take care!!

  5. Good evening Monsieur le Professeur 👍😉 Thank you very kindly for publishing my video 😉👍 In about two months from now I have a Big Annoncement to Tell everyone 😮😉👍 and it is not getting a new cab 🤣😉👍 Keep up the great family works Sir and great video Cheers 🍻👍

  6. Im curious if you used pipe insulation in and around the levers, if it would help with that HST whine? I have been talking with the dealer about upgrading. He was pretty adamant that the noise was amplified inside the cab. What are your thoughts?

  7. You got me in trouble again !!!! I didn't realize my wife was paying attention to what i was watching 🙁 !!!! 2 years ago when my wife "aka finance committee" got a B2601 payment she wanted cab and backhoe added on, I didn't buy them.. She made the comment watching this that the purchasing committee didn't buy them lol Last year I did pick up a Curtis canopy for it + received Carhartt type snow suit from Santa for Christmas lol To be honest she was serious about paying for the tractor the payment has really come from her direct deposit wages.

  8. Loved all the clips in this episode, if I had known in advance I could have sent one basking in the sun by the pool! I do NOT miss the snow, made sure to leave it all in Wyoming when we moved to Florida.

  9. One more thing to add to your list Jon, bees. Them little stinging critters that like to build their nests in the ground. A Curtis cab could prevent you from getting stung to death.

  10. Thanks for all the advice, but I'm guessing an orange cab would clash with my green tractor. Besides that there is no way my committee would go for it after all the other money I have dropped on toys I mean tools.

  11. What a great video! I really liked all the pictures and video clips! Your so good to help promote other channels, you’ve helped me more then you know 😃. I think we are going to Disney World with our stimulus money. If I threatened Tiffany with needing a cab to protect my health she would first ask how much life insurance I have 😂😂. Trust me been there already. Hey have a great day!

  12. You Heard it from TTWT, now see the man… A Ritter Bit of Jon will do. Great seeing a new video. Also, both of those shots were done in -5F temperatures. By the end of the 1 hour outside, I couldn't feel my toes or fingers, and when the feeling started to come back, the stinging was really bad. Close to frostbit I would say. @1:43

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