How To PH Your Water and Nutrients for Marijuana

It is extremely important to PH your water when growing marijuana. Whether you are using nutrients or not, the root zone needs to have a specific PH range to …


  1. My well water is 8 Ph… Ive been dropping it to 6.5 with Ph down! Now i see my cannabis plants are aLL turning Lime Green to Yellow! If i emmediately check the Run off from bottom of Plant pot, the ph is down to a 4 ph!?? And ive even tested on a fresh pot of mix by itself to check the run off, and its 4 ph also! -Im only using Promix BX general purpose mix… Can u suggest what i can do? I cant buy any fancy equip etc…. I got plants, mix and 8 ph well water… What would u suggest my Watering Ph should be? Thx Ps: Im only using a $5 bk water Ph test kit wth the dye drop's and a color chart! Now im just using strait 8 Ph well water, wthout bringing it down… The plants have slowwed there lightening up, but r still hurting….

  2. I have 27 gallon totes. Tap is 7.6. Anyone wanna take a shot at how much i should use so that im not doing this all night? Ballpark. I have a pipete phdown and a meter. No 7.0 no up. One shot lol. Targrt goal is 5.5-6.0

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