How to Make Cannabutter & Pot Brownies – Cooking with Marijuana #19

(Age 21+ -Educational Purposes only.) Learn how to make cannabutter and classic pot brownies in this episode of Cooking with Cannabis! Find supplies in our …


  1. Please decarb the bud before steeping it! Decarboxylation happens in the prescence of oxygen so coating the bud in fat slows the process. Just bake your bud in oven to decarb it then steep it in the oil and strain it. No need to do the whole water soak unless you’re really trying to hide any taste of nug.

  2. im done with this dude. cannabutter? really? now?are you high… lol. his actual brownie recipe is dope. kudos. but don't use butter. not regular. switch up to coconut or avocado oil. expensive but the return is literally ten times that of butter. doesn't require decarb. and is much more efficiently metabolised by the human system. meaning bigger , better bang, for your buck.

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