How to Make Cannabis Gummy Bears | using CannaOil

Learn How to make Cannabis Gummy Bears using CannaOil Timestamp 0:00 How to make CannaOil 0:12 How to make Gummy Bear 2:52 Ingredients to make …


  1. This may seem like an obvious question, but can I use a mason jar for decarbing as well as infusing with one half to one ounce of weed? I wasn't sure if that amount would need a larger container with more surface area when decarbing and infusing the oil?

  2. Is that all the gunmies your mixture made or did you have some left over? Also for the small gummies how many does it take for you to feel it with that amount you used?

  3. I will make this recipe but here in the uk we have jelly same thing as jello how much did your package of jello weigh thanks for helping me out good luck to you Dave

  4. Great video. My wife and I made these last night. I woke up this morning and ate 8 of what are like your small gummies and they did the job just fine!
    I highly recommend this method and your YouTube channel.
    I’m a new YouTube content creator and I tell Song Stories. Hope you and you community here get a chance to check it out.
    Great Channel and keep bringing the content.✌️

  5. when i decarb my shatter to make edibles once the bubbles have stopped i stir it and more bubbles start to appear does that tell me it still needs decarbing

  6. Another great tutorial. As I always say you are the man. Question I ordered a 32 oz bottle of Fearn liquid lecithin pure vegetable production in its natural liquid state not bleached. Can I use that or should I send it back when it arrives and order what you have. Thanks

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