How to Get Your State to Legalize Weed on In The Weeds with Jimmy Young

Colorado was the first state in the national to make adult use of cannabis legal. The law firm that led the charge, and wrote the ballot box question was …


  1. It seems likely that the laws on cannabis will remain fucked. If we let the government rob us of our rights and money, they will. This plant should be treated common it is part of creation from the beginning God said sell cannabis for meat and eat well.

  2. Great show. Brian is a legend for doing what he has done for cannabis legalization.
    I see many comments from people in prohibition states asking when their state will legalize, when they don't vote or know what's going on in their legislature.
    I keep telling them you have to vote and make sure that your representatives know that you will only vote for those who support legalization.
    Homegrow is definitely crucial. I could not afford buy what I consume, but in Oklahoma we have generous homegrow. It's why we left Georgia. Oklahoma only has medical, but no specific condition is required so anyone who wants a card can get one. No social equity, but commercial licenses are currently unlimited and affordable, making entry into the cannabis business available to those without big cash backing. We have 30 dispensaries in Lawton, a town of 98,000.

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