How To Clone With 100% Success Rate & Get Your Plants To Finish At The Same Time With Jerin & Scotty

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  1. really people need to do more research… cannabis was used for medical purpose centuries ago by what you guys call native Americans… during tribal congregations in Africa and all types of other places but yet your government deemed it bad so it was made illegal to gain profit from other drugs that you now get from doctors and was industrialized so that you could not treat yourself… what world do some of you come from or is it that your lack of knowledge is just that bliss…. learn more history other than Americans version of history smfh

  2. Jerrin seems like a super sharp guy when it comes to anything cultivation. I like how he does the perpetual grow/clone when topping. The one thing I’m skeptical of is this cloning technique. I’ll admit, I’m only on day one of the trial, but my plant ain’t lookin so good…and I’m thinking it’s the alcohol. I get it works for humans, and assume it’s probably a similar concept, but 70% rubbing alcohol seems way too volatile for the tissue on cannabis. Any insight from someone?

  3. how good is their weed when they smoke 2 fatties in an hour and don't seem stoned by any means? idk if it was that good theyd be fucked off that first doob. but I'm an indica guy so i love my couch lock

  4. this geeza got some serious knowledge and got big respect for sharing information I’m from the uk and love organics I’ve just ordered winter frost on eBay love the vids lately boys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💯👍🏽

  5. You know any difference from Feminized vs Regular seed cuttings?
    and what strains seem to root better than others?

    Gavita ct1930e if your looking to replace 1000hps true 1 for 1 with a hr96 footprint but lense throws down a lot better. 780watts

  6. Cloning is waaayy easier than most people make it. But that depends a lot on the size of your garden and the space and tools you need. I use roots organic and plugs. I cut the clone, dip it in clone gel , put it in the plug and burry the plug in a 3.5 sq. Pot. Then fill the tray with half a gallon put the dome on and leave it in 24 hour lights with the vents half way open. Then do nothing. Wait 2 weeks and notice new growth. Open the vent all the way for a day. Then next day take off the dome.

  7. Jerin reminds me of a sell your soul for a dollar amount type homie. Hes not trustworthy i can see right through him ,crab in a barrel mentality. And i dont appreciate how he got at guru like hes known him forever, you can tell guru felt some type of way when jerin said "idk wtf is wrong with this guy" yall need to uphold the respect with guru more tighten up scotty guru your right hand not jerin

  8. Can anyone explain hiw fumic is fulviic and fulvic is humic? Is the definition met3ely different molecular wright? Is ine foliar only? Or is there a benefit using both in hydro/soil? Ty in advance 🙏🤗

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