How New York Marijuana Legalization will get SCREWED UP…

How New York Marijuana Legalization will get SCREWED UP… This video talks about New York and how the policy makers will most likely screw up the …


  1. Went to Illinois day one last year. Never got into a shop. Bought from a homie I was in prison with instead. Fast forward a year, still Never gone to a shop 😂. Growers ain’t trying to pay all that tax either man.

  2. One thing I think a lot of people forget is that once it becomes legal, the prices on the ‘black market’ also drop. For example, you mentioned you could get a quarter for $35, but in a state where bud is illegal that is almost unheard of. You’re probably looking at $60-$70 if it’s good bud. The legalization actually drives demand down, & drops the price. Of course it’s all about quality, sure you can buy cheap weed even here in Tennessee, but I’d prefer driving to Illinois & paying the tax (which I do often) solely because the quality of the product is so much better. Not to mention the amount of option / choice that I get vs some guy who will pull up with 2 strains. PS I love your videos man, keep it up.

  3. I get ground flower weed from curaleaf, I have medical card, gotta say dispensary weed is way better than the weed on the street, clear headed highs not like that confusing cant focus ass backpack boys shit, I call all dat shit Amazon weed cuz they think they slick with them fancy bags they buying off of there smfh.

  4. my prediction: black market will continue to prevail in ny but cases will get exponged. i wanna say yes on home grow but knowing hoe they are here, its unlikely; hope im wrong.

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