How I'm finally healing from Chronic pain and anxiety -My personal resource list

It’s been a long road, but I’ve had such a good run of great results, I’m compelled to believe that I’m finally on the right track after so many years. I’ve been …


  1. You described exactly what I've been going through. The knowledge going in every other day from watching hours and hours of videos on the subjects of energy healing, mind over matter, law of attraction, diet, etc etc…. I feel lighter and lighter higher and higher the more info thst goes I to my brain. And I've had some crazy personal experiences of the other dimensions and God knows what else I can't expect, ain't in words…. through deep k holes on Ketamine . I astral projected, I was shown around the world by some higher being, …I remote viewed I think, and ended up in some metallic room. I have no idea why or where, but my consciousness was there. With HD clear vision.

  2. The parts where you touched on “settling” or “Collecting new pains” 💥🔨 I’m definitely following for all the great content, thank you for being so open & sharing this 🤍

  3. I am glad you found that out is so true trauma is crucial in pain and anxiety. I learned to know how much stress I can take I get overwhelmed so need to evaluate and take care of myself.

  4. Thank you for sharing ! Firefighting & saving lives here in Atlanta. Ga, took a toll on my spine resulting in several spine surgeries in which left me in chronic pain, what does peeps manage chronic pain ? Why want God heal me? I’ve had thousands pray for me thousands lay hands on me, Along with me praying & begging God to heal me, I’m so Angry & What Gal would want me with chronic pain ?

  5. Wow. There's so many similarities to what I'm dealing with right now. Your review of the theragun brought me here.
    Hip misalignment, tightness, some digestive issues, probiotics, wanting to enjoy life, rock climbing, dancing, looking into self-healing childhood trauma, Louise Hay, even egg sensitivity
    I would love to talk to you and hear how your journey has progressed since August.
    Personally I've gotten stuck and am having a hard time seeing how one can get better but hearing you has been encouraging.

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