1. As u are reading this Life in Africa Kenya is a poor condition , less job employment n combining with gambling you can imagine how it was worse for me losing all my business money n profits in gambling , now am jobless sitting in my rented house bills raising up help me luk for job in your country or help me to export grocery , fruits or horticultural in your country , it is not better to kill myself with joblessness bt to find a God sent saviour will save my life ,my contact (0723070808) this story encourage me to build my future not ruining it in gambling

  2. Thank you for sharing informative content. I always watch your videos and share with my friends. I'm pursuing M.Sc in Clinical Psychology and your videos help me a lot in my academics as well. I wish i could be a part of your team and actually work and contribute by participating in Research work or any other mental health related work or volunteering opportunities. Please get in touch with me in case there's any such opportunity. My email address is mirzajahanzebbeg@gmail.com. Thank you and regards, Jahan

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