Here's your baby — now take care of her 😂

It’s time for Salem the farm dog to meet the piglets — let’s hope she like them! Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the …


  1. Could you talk again about all the different things you make with goat milk? Basically how do you go through all the milk you get each day? It seems like a lot 💕

  2. Hi guys, we have absolutely loved watching your channel. We have our own little homestead and started last year getting Nigerians. We have sat down and watched everyone of your videos on the channel and have learned so much! Thank you so much!
    Check out our YouTube channel, The Roy Family Homestead.

  3. I am high risk too. Please don't depend on masks for protection. After 42 years in health care, I can assure you that, until 2020 , masks were never rated to protect from communicating illness. Says right on the boxes they won't prevent spread of infectious illness. They are rated to filter from 2-5 microns. Wuhan virus is .125 microns. They actually increase the risk of getting sick. I haven't worn a mask once since this all started. Much more effective is washing hands with plain soap – not anti bacterial – and building up your immune system! God bless.

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