1. If I did a cycle for a bout 1 month and 3 weeks, would there be any severe affect for test levels ? I was on test e 300mg 1cc twice a week , EQ 200mg 1cc twice a week .

  2. Its because these guys are young but look 38, 39. Jumped on gear at a young age and never had a good foundation, probably never got the meals in either. As soon as they get off they melt.

  3. Ugh I’ve been on HCG for almost 3 months now after being on HRT for 10 yrs straight and some abuse 5 yrs before that. Might be in HCG another 3months before I stop. Hopefully regain fertility. I wonder if after HCG I’ll recover enough to feel normal.

  4. I got a pop up saying what do you like about your video that I've watched earlier today and ive never had anything like that pop up before on youtube for anyone.. so whatever you are doing its working Derek!

  5. Lol Derek is leaps and bounds ahead of these dudes. Previous videos have shown they don't know much and now we hear they don't even work out and weigh as much as most girlfriends. Lmao. Waste of time.

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