Hawaii Medical Marijuana before harvest check

We had a guest inspector visit the nicest plant which is just a few days away from harvest. Jackson Chameleons live in the flora around the site.


  1. Fucking Medical Marijuana green card loving hippies. That is 99% of all of you. I know many who got a green card and now they call it medicine. And now it's not getting stone, it's fucking therapy. But we know it's just a bunch of niggas trying to catch a buzz, stone, get high, know what I mean. Well I know because that's what I do, and been doing it all my life and at no time did I ever called it therapy. And and never called it fucking medicine. So it's a loop he.so people can legally get stone ok, it is what it is so you 99% of niggas getting stone. Good for you ok. But don't think that all pot smokers going join your club. Because we are not patients who need medicine ok. And don't try and take over the Hwaiian Islands and think you can gather all pot smokers. We do alright for our selves. And every time I meet a green card holder he smokes way to much, Weed, oils, hash, and brownies. Looks like burned out hippies to hehehe. So keep it to yourself ans stop preaching because we grew up with this great herb and we like it the way it is and how it has always been. Now I am going to smoke a bowl and get stone. Aloha

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