Have Canadian cannabis users increased their usage during the pandemic?

It’s no secret many Canadians increased their alcohol consumption during the lockdowns brought about by COVID-19…but what about cannabis? More than half …


  1. I know I do and it's not just because of the pandemic.
    The number of crises that have been happening around the world have resulted in perpetual triggering – The People of Colour who've been killed by cops, electoral fraud in Eastern Europe, "sexual misconduct" EVERYWHERE, millions of minks being gassed to death painfully, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar, a young woman killed by a cop in England and the misogyny on the youtube comments about the protests…I'm vaping right now

  2. Lol the news is reporting negatives on the one who feeds them lol. Only canada will waste time on pot after its been made legal. And gov can line there pockets on the backs of citizens and now they are crying hey you people are buying too much better make a change by removing the cerfew lmao that was soppossed to be 2 weeks its been monthes now yet the rest of canada no lockdown no cerfew! Only the french province sadly we are all eatting feces. Thank all the frenchmen that run your laws👍

  3. Haha are people eating more food and home delivery during the pandemic?…are they watching their food consumption, causing major organ issues and their finances…Haha

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