Hamilton Morris on Psychedelics | Mike Rashid

#MikeRashid #magicmushrooms #psychedelics #lsd About Mike Rashid: Mike Rashid King is a professional boxer, entrepreneur, fitness & lifestyle enthusiast.


  1. I think a lot of people are evil and narcissistic, and they use being "high" to spread nonsense, like the lady who advises people to drill a hole in their head, just want to know is their a hole in her head as we speak? .. No.
    And all these people who have awakenings and are so smart because they are doing drugs but the world remains a toilet 🚻 😅 you gotta think man.

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  3. Anyone who’s been a fan of mikes for a while knows he is a walking growth mindset.
    product of intent and follow through – the teacher and the student. The evolution of Mike Rashid will be televised !

  4. Why are you so interested in Psychedilic stuff and how long have you been so interested in it? I mean im 16 so… but are you also a fan of those things like Cannabis or ACID and all that? And did you ever took something else but Psychedelics and how was that for you?

    Pls answer, that would be very INTERESTED.

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