Starting a new series where I give in depth answers to questions about growing cannabis asked on my Instagram. Like/comment/subscribe for more content.


  1. Love it! You are my favourite on the GML panel. Legend Please keep them coming. A video on how you shape you plants would be super helpful. No cal mag with HPS even in coco?. Have you tried Tribus for your microbes? Way cleaner in the res. Keep these as long as possible knowledge bombs 👍🏼

  2. Bro you my #1 youtuber when it comes too this cannabis knowledge I been watching everyone for more than 3 years your knowledge is on point .please u need more videos Ima from Massachusetts ima stay putting my boys onto your channel. 🔥👍🔥

  3. Thx 4the VDP info and chart,and most of all being the first video explaining it so as I could understand.👍
    Questions- #1 is the chart you gave o.k. 4a 4x4veg tent and a 5×5 flower?🤔
    #2- I'm using a 60/40 Loco coco,and ocean forest. Was told this is a good mix🤔 your thought. Thx👍✌✌

  4. what if your early veg temp/rh is between T- 75-81 rh- 55-65 and your plants are healthy and growing great, should i gradually increase, or just go with the flo so far and keep a "normal" temp/rh. your video suggests i up it gradually to not shock the plant. btw my plants look as green as possable

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