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  1. I noticed you germinated that auto in a smaller pot. Are you gonna transplant it or leave it in there for the micro grow. The rest of the garden is looking orgasmic!!!!!

  2. I wait till the time and start looking from then, i like to see plenty of amber crystals (CBN) NOT CBD, heavier hit then thc, and drying I used to hang until i seen someone using a herbs now dryer and because it looked just like my food dehydrator i decided to give that a go I'm lucky mine has the option to have it set at NO HEAT so just the air circulation does it and honest dude it gets the end product twice as nice as hanging i wouldn't not use it now, you gotta try it atleast once and for 30bucks 5x cheaper then the herbs now dryer it's a excellent investment i think it uses 15w/h and only takes 4 days it gets it perfectly dry the bud and the crystals well they are still sticky as fuk but when grinding it the dried bud crumbles and encases that crystals makes it not sticky then to touch it's unbelievable you literally have to see it to believe it, if you want ill send you a link to the exact one i got as there are others and some only work when heat is on 35c but mine no heat no problem mine sits around the 18c, make 23c is needed to dry the crystals

  3. I did a 40/40/20 mix organic coco/ top soil jacks magic and organic manure, then composted it with all the removed leaf and now i just use the same stuff over and over reused about 6times now and still good shit

  4. Damn bro shew I really wanna know the weight on those man damn their fat haven’t cut mine like we talked about gonna give them a few more days and their done and coming out I’m gonna do grow some of the GDP when I get I get it then when I get my other tent I’m gonna put the glue berry in that I got runtz auto coming skywalker og and skittlez og northern lights and lemon autos coming today from seedsman I was kinda nervous reading some of the reviews but that was the only thing that made me double think but I went ahead because theirs more good reviews and I’m glad I did forreal it took 3 weeks and a couple days but that’s okay with me

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