Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-24-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 2-24-19 Official Website & Store: Whats Up Growers! So as we are walking into the last …


  1. Another great video brotha
    I’m curious to see how the autopot system works out. I’m currently running in your 4×8 RDWC system you ran last year and it’s kicking some ass. That being said it’s a lot of work between topping off the water and nutrients in the reservoir daily not to mention the additional cost.

  2. If you're struggling with a shorter plant and trying to keep your canopy level put a brick or something under the shorter plantto bring it up to the same level. Loving the content brothaman. Also loving the products. I have the loop, trimmers, and stash jar. Planning on picking up the tent and using it for maybe drying or for mother's. Keep crushing it. Growers love 🤙

  3. So I've been watching your channel for about almost 2 years now and I'm finally starting to take an interest in the autopot system since you started using it. My dilemma is I've never used coco before and think I want to do a similar setup like yours. I'm not sure how to prep my coco for my grow. Do you prep it by pre-soaking in cal-mag like some people do or do you use it straight from the bag? I wanna make sure I get things off on the right foot. Any advise would be great. Thanks LJ for all you do!

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