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  1. I did 2 grams of RSO on new years 2019 and don't remember anything. No alcohol was consumed it literally blacked me out. lmfao lets just say I hibernated until the 3rd and then ate like a grizzly bear.

  2. clone only doesn't mean someone was hoarding seeds of a variety.. it means a plant with specific traits can only be reproduced through asexual reproduction, you cannot reproduce a clone only variety through sexual reproduction, maybe similar but never the same. There are ornamental plants (esp. Hosta and hemerocallis) introduced every year with patents restricting propagation through stem cuttings, division and any other ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION. if certain traits are able to be stabilized and passed down without erratic genetic variation like in f1's and IBL's then these are known as varieties that are true to type…TRUE TO TYPE is not a direct copy of the genes being used…. no matter how hard you try clone only (or cultivar) can never be released in an identical seed copy without some variations…well maybe monsanto can, but would you use there seeds…lol

  3. ive had 100% success just by putting rooting hormone powder on clone sticking in fully soaked peat pod and only watering pod by mist from bottle sprayer and no i dont put hormones in soaking pod part just soaking in tap water but the key after that is 100% humidity and you should see total success and i never ever ph'd

  4. What is growing on DGC? Yeah! I have an awesome outdoor solution you need to try. When you are growing outdoors you tend to have more plants than you can afford to feed and take your time, so you prioritize them and let them go as the season progresses, but this process allows plants to show you new methods that you did not plan on. I put my 7 gallon mother plants that I started indoors during the Canadian winter outside on the deck when it got hot enough and I later had to put the pots in buckets because it was taking too much time watering every single day in our outdoor heat. Then I started moving them around depending on the weather. These plants were SUPER easy to maintain and an absolute pleasure to spend money on because they rewarded me with everything you could ask for: tight stacking, small pots stopped stretching, great overall health with resistance to every bug. I lost them when I went away on vacation but I dream about their potential. I think I can finish them without locking out. The buckets needed to held down and stopped from blowing over in the wind, but not the plant. I recommend this as an outdoor method for beginners because newbs are overwhelmed by information on the professional outdoor methods that lean towards growing trees which is way more marijuana. The logic of home-growing is being updated because it used to always be about additional income and now it starting to include growing styles that are the opposite of that, and everything in between. And it does not have to sacrifice quality. I am going to keep experimenting and keep you informed. Low maintenance, few barriers to entry like equipment costs, tons of room to tinker, is also good for professionals who wants to have something casual at home and be able to connect with newcomers, and is good for newcomers who are not ready to build structures and can just move the plant to address rain, temperature, and light dep. I think this grow style could give very, very decent quality indeed. Plus, there is a great potential for rewarding dialog between newcomers and experts with this outdoor growing method. This is outdoor synganic hydroponics! It is screaming man!

  5. Pretty much has to be clone only these days, because it's all polyhybrids and every plant is like a different strain, the variation is so high. You can get anything from useless dry fluffy hempy buds to solid resinous buds in a pack of 5 seeds. The only way you're gonna get something that resembles the picture is if it's clone only.

  6. I have this girl now that had a tri-node leaf mutation. Even came out with 3 embryonic leafs and continued the whole life cycle. She then also somewhat topped herself and the secondary “top” split into 3 branches. Definitely was not a normal structure, amazing plant though. Stay Frosty Growmies ✌️🇨🇦

  7. I'm a noob and my first grow i made so many mistakes but the yield was good. Second run I upgraded lights, upgraded intake/outtake, made homemade compost/fertilizers, used a/c for temps, added de-humidifier and lowered temps at the end of flower – I did all this and my yield was much lower than my first run…. >.< also first run finished day 66, now its day 75 and still only 90% cloudy >.< maybe I had the ac on too cold for too long and that lowered my yield by slowing down growth? HELP!!!!

  8. The way I reuse my soil is the vegetable garden. I put a layer of composted leaves on top of my garden bed then a layer of my soil then plant potatoes no till. Dirt is all organic

  9. Shouting out brands of concentrates and stuff with no monetary incentive and just trying to help the viewers get a nice smoke – one reason I love this show

  10. Attempting my first grow in outside in containers in SoCal. Wish me luck. West facing backyard. I already have 2 females identified out of 6 plants, hoping for more. 60/40 Sativa/Indica.

  11. According to the internets the full Moon typically provides only about 0.05–0.1 lux illumination. In other words, as my dad used to say,  as bright as a white bean in a black cat's ass. It will not hurt your plants.

  12. scrapping bowels is a crackhead move lol yo dgc why don't you and rasta Jeff do a 12 part podcast 1s a month… you 4 would smash it with knowledge .. food for thought . big up scotty real & the gang .

  13. Here is why the moon doesn't herm your plants: the light coming from the moon is refracted and bounced around light, not direct light. To say the light has no affect on cannabis and plants is also a fallacy. It certainly does. The moon stays on a strict 28 day schedule of waxing and waning. Also your supposed to plant on a full moon and harvest on a full moon as well. The reason you plant on a full moon is because it's the night with the most light for the next 28 days and slowly steps the light down. You harvest on a full moon because it's the time of the lunar cycle where the plant is holding the most water. This is a quick breakdown, but I can go into the scientific details if need be for anyone. Hopefully we as the DGC can get this correct info out to educate everyone. Any questions, just ask…take er easy DGC…

  14. How can I get the seeds i won back in October 2020? Talked to everyone of you and still nothing?? We pay our patron account every month? Could have bought 2-3 packs of seeds by now. Smh not sure guess I'm beat

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