Grow Bigger Buds Series – Ep4 – Plant training – lst Autoflowers

This video goes into some more training of the in-house Genetics and I show what I use for gnats. I also train autos and show off week 7 flower of the rotten …


  1. Congratulations to the sp3000 winner, I just found this channel and really like the info and all the detail you show us please keep up the great quality of content as this will help us new comers so much

  2. Another great Video!
    You can use 14 gauge and 12 gauge electrical wire to tie down the plants. You probably already have some ends lying around. They are thicker and more sturdy when you need it. Very cheap and versatile. Just carefully separate the red and the white wires with a box cutting knife and cut them to the length you need.
    Credit to Lucky75 for that tip (that you've probably come across…but just in case)

  3. Plants are looking mighty healthy and nice going with the training of center branches, they're all gonna be sucking on the lights nicely 😉 cool info for the koppert, weirdly enough they got them where I'm at, was gonna see what to use for outdoors when it comes to green cause I usually just make some onion oil and scatter that around the strawberries and tangerines to keep the bugs out. And thanks for the shout-out, it was pretty cool 😄 at the moment I've got the orange sherbet strain, just finished off the mainlining and they bounce back quite nicely. RowsofGreen would sound like a cool strain name too, with a RowsOfGreen essence & punch! hope the testing is going well 😄

  4. Love the channel bro,,I've been watching loads of your videos, never really wanted to mainline until I saw what ya getting out of it,,fair play to ya mate,,love from the U.K. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Man love the info about the predator mites, thanks! Dont you have to have your environment humidity in major check before deploying? Great info my friend, keep killing it! I do the same stuff about guessing weight lol grow ur own beans! , if ya need a tester lmk?!

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