Groupthink in the Medical Community – Dr. Mike Hart | Real Talk with Zuby #140

Dr. Mike Hart is a physician and lifestyle strategist. In 2014, he became the first physician in London, Ontario to open a cannabis clinic. His primary focus is …


  1. This manufactured “consensus” mentality has been a means of control for awhile. Phrases like “trust THE science” reinforce this fake sentiment; Implying that there is only one plausible conclusion and solution to a given problem without explicitly saying those words. These people are excellent at word games, I’ll give them that. However, you can’t maintain a healthy society with word games and doublespeak.

  2. I'm an ER nurse and I also start ultrasound IVs for the hospital 'Midlines'. I've been on all of our Covid floors and Covid ICUs countless times starting Midlines…ALL the patient's were either elderly and/or obese with co-mobidities(usually diabetes). Never saw a Covid pt that looked like me (fit and healthy) and NEVER saw a kid with Covid admitted to hospital- not even a fat one. Also, when I work ER I always volunteer for the 'Covid pod' b/c its more money… never once had a Covid patient with a blood clot. I know its only anecdotal, but I've done A LOT of Covid pod this last year!

  3. Facts- Throughout the world, most vulnerable are the elderly, obese, and those with pre-conditions or comorbidities- PERIOD.

  4. Britain's response to Covid-19 has been Communist in nature. Just as an unequal sharing of prosperity is considered unjust by the Communists, so too are unequal health outcomes considered an injustice, regardless of why those unequal outcomes exist. What's the just response to a crisis like Covid-19, according to this line of thinking? "The equal sharing of misery"!!!

  5. I'm so glad to see this. The first thing that stuck out to me about responses of the medical Proletariat to Covid was the agreement. Everyone just fell in line. It made me think, what does any community need a local health official for if all they do is just follow orders like a robot?

  6. Totally agree with you Zubi, the response to covid on the general population is way worse than the virus itself. like you can not figure out how the government and NHS has prioritised covid against all other illnesses. Didn’t know the statistics on deaths under 40, yep, isolation and possibilities of loosing your job and maybe your home are all going to make things worse. Thanks. Love your interviews

  7. Thank you for bringing up African countries in relation to the pandemic. Since last year, my country (in Africa) has had less than 100 covid deaths. We strongly believe in medicinal plants for the immune system, our diets are very different than in 1st world countries…we have malaria here that takes out way more people per year that covid has, so..

  8. just wanted to say I’ve seen you grow since i met you in Camberley with some mates selling your album ago and i’m really fucking happy of where you are now like… self made and somewhat of a personal hero to me. Fucken Love ya Zuby

  9. science is a process "The Science" is the cardinals of the wokeness religion, also 8k UI per day of D3 sounds dangerous, should probably approach a doctor before taking that kind of amount. D3 poisoning is a real thing and i believe 4k is the safe upper limit

  10. Great interview guys. Medical Schools as we know them were initially set up by the Rockefeller family. Walk into most Dr's and the amount of branded stationery ect says everything. The PTB make us sick with their products, and then make us 'better' with their products. All of which WE pay for.

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